Photo Gallery Two

791st Squadron Crew Pictures


Edwart T. Holum Crew#88

Left to right standing: Edward Holum (pilot), Morris Davidson (co-pilot), Arthur Gentry (navigator)
Bottom: Warren Wiedman (waist gunner), Lyle Waite (waist gunner - armor), Marvin Speiser (nose gunner), Lawrence Dobson (radio operator), Richard Muffoletto (flight engineer), Raymond Swanson (tail gunner)

Picture taken during the summer of 1944 while crew training in the U.S. 

The crew arrived in the UK as a replacement crew probably around late October early November 1944 and were initially assigned to the 788th Bomb Squadron of the 467th BG as Crew#5. The first combat mission for the Holum crew (Crew#5) was on the 11th December 1944 to attack railway marshalling yards at Hanau, Germany. They were part of a large number of aircraft originating from the 467th this day (47 in total) and the Group met with no serious mishaps or losses. 

Crew#5 continued to fly combat through December 1944 and January until the 29th. This was the last mission as Crew#5 in the 788th Bomb Squadron as they were recognised as a superior crew and subsequently transferred to the specialist 791st Lead Crew Squadron of the 467th BG and now known as Crew#88.  

Crew#88 (Lt. Holum) pickup flying combat missions again now as a lead crew commencing 26th February 1945 to a target at Berlin-Eberswalde, a railway Junction, with no combat losses this day. They continued to fly lead missions during March 1945. Finally in April 1945 the last month of combat air operations for the 467th BG, 1st Lt Holum and crew#88 complete missions on the 4th April, 9th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 21st (a recalled mission), and finally the 25th April the very last combat mission of the 467th BG and entire 8th Air Force.

Commendation Award for the Lt. Edward Holum Crew for leading the 3rd Squadron of the 467th BG in the attack on Leipheim, Germany, 19th March 1945. The Commendation was counter-signed by C.O. of the 96th CBW Gen. Walter Peck and C.O. of the 467th BG Col. Albert Shower.

Pilot Edward Holum pictured at Rackheath among the base nissen hut accommodation.

A respite from flying combat missions, members of the 791st Sq. Holum crew enjoy time 
together during snowy conditions in the winter of 1944/45.

Instrument Rating Certificate awarded to Lt. Edward Holum upon completion of training
at Gowen Field, Idaho.


Fascinating letter of acceptance for initial Pilot Training sent to the parents of Edward Holum dated August 1943.

Edward Holum pictured kneeling second from right among the Class of 44D upon Graduation from Pilot Training at Lubbock Field, Texas, 15th April 1944.