Photo Gallery Six

B24 Aircraft of the 467th BG(H)

The original air echelon comprising fifty-nine crews departed the U.S. from Morrison Field, West Palm Beach, Florida, on 28th February 44 and soon after opened sealed orders to discover the final destination. The route to England would take the crews the southern ferry route with first stop Trinidad; followed with a take off to Belem, then Natal, Brazil; the southern Atlantic sea-crossing to Dakar, Senegal, then on to Marrakesh, then Valley airfield Wales before the final and permanent base of Rackheath near Norwich. Crews began arriving at Rackheath from around 8th March 44 onward - - one crew failed to arrive crashing in the Atlas Mountains enroute with loss of all on board.

The original B24s that were flown over were almost all "H" models from block 15 from the Ford plant at Willow Run, Consolidated at Fort Worth, and the Douglas manufacturer at Tulsa. As replacement crews arrived during the summer months of 44, B24 "J" models became common among the Groups aircraft, later H2X Pathfinder B24Js and B24"L" and "M" models were all used by 467th crews. At the close of hostilities in May 45 a number of the "H" models were still in evidence, a number having flown up to and over 100 combat missions. Those aircraft which survived both combat missions and the PMI Inspection were flown back to the U.S. carrying a crew of ten plus a number of passengers who were ground personnel at Rackheath.

firstmissionthb.jpg (3720 bytes)
"First Mission"
topperthb.jpg (1527 bytes)
B24H "Topper"

B24H "Normandy Queen"

palacemeatthb.jpg (1340 bytes)
B24H "Palace Meat Market"

B24H "Tail Wind"

lilpeachthb.jpg (1974 bytes)
B24H "Lil' Peach"

lonelyheartthb.jpg (2757 bytes)
B24H "Lonely Heart"

b24j816thb.jpg (1745 bytes)
B24J 42-50816

everythingsjakethb.jpg (2274 bytes)
B24H "Everything's Jake"

B24H "Perils of Pauline"

elements788thb.jpg (2178 bytes)
Elements of the 788th B.S.

789thelementsthb.jpg (3004 bytes)
Elements of the 789th B.S.

flaytigerthb.jpg (3166 bytes)
B24J "Massillon Tiger"

massillontigerairbornethb.jpg (1824 bytes)
"Massillon Tiger" airborne

petepom1thb.jpg (2078 bytes)
B24D "Pete the POM Inspector"

B24D "Pete the POM Inspector"#2

pom2thb.jpg (2509 bytes)
B24H "Pete the POM Inspector 2nd"

broadandhighthb.jpg (2686 bytes)
B24H "Broad and High"

missfortunethb.jpg (1769 bytes)
B24H "Miss Fortune"

fuedinwagonthb.jpg (2688 bytes)
B24J "Feudin' Wagon"

prowlerthb.jpg (2040 bytes)
B24J "Prowler"

B24J "Prowler"#2

prowlerairbornethb.jpg (3141 bytes)
"Prowler Airborne"

alicethb.jpg (2340 bytes)
B24J "Alice"

"Alice Landing"

gogetter-topperthb.jpg (1954 bytes)
B24Hs "Go Getter & "Topper"

b24h354thb.jpg (1699 bytes)
B24H 42-50354

slickchickthb.jpg (2169 bytes)
B24H "Slick Chick"

witchcraftthb.jpg (1965 bytes)
B24H "Witchcraft"

witchcraftairbornethb.jpg (2144 bytes)
B24H "Witchcraft"#2

B24H "Witchcraft"#3

piccadillythb.jpg (1573 bytes)
B24J "Piccadilly Commando"

missjudythb.jpg (1931 bytes)
B24H "Miss Judy"

B24H "Miss Judy#2

b24angelthb.jpg (1759 bytes)
B24H "Angel"

b24h42-94881thb.jpg (2159 bytes)
B24H 42-94881

B24H 42-95187

b24j42-51289thb.jpg (3321 bytes)
B24J 42-51289

b24j42-51832thb.jpg (2634 bytes)
B24J 42-51832

b24m44-50482thb.jpg (2221 bytes)
B24M 44-50482

b24j42-51354thb.jpg (2265 bytes)
B24J 42-51354

b24j354thb.jpg (2659 bytes)
B24J 42-51354

schooldazeb24thb.jpg (2451 bytes)
B24L "School Daze"

bafflingbratthb.jpg (1924 bytes)
B24H "Baffling Brat"

rhienmachenthb.jpg (2939 bytes)
B24J "Rhienmachen"

thundermugflightthb.jpg (2060 bytes)
B24H "Thundermug"

wolvesincthb.jpg (2222 bytes)
B24H "Wolves Inc."

flakmagnet2thb.jpg (1571 bytes)
B24H "Flak Magnet II"

ac852thb.jpg (1628 bytes)
B24JSH 44-48852

B24M 44-50325

B24H "Angel" Landing

B24L 44-49591

B24J "Monster"

B24J "Rosalyn"

B24H "Silver Chief"

B24H "Three Star Special" 

angel+RZIthb.jpg (3039 bytes)
Awaiting RZI

traunsteinthb.jpg (2498 bytes)
"Last Mission"